Important definitions

A cyber bully is someone who uses cruel statements about one's family, health condition, personal matters and other important parts of a person's life in order to make them suffer on camera until they either stop camming up or hurt themselves.

A troll is someone who picks on casters by telling them things such as ''your hair looks like shit'', ''your makeup looks like you have sex for money'', ''your voice sounds like a squirrel'' and things that don't really have the power to make anyone feel the urge to hurt themselves.

Cyber bullies want to destroy. Trolls just want to play.


Camwhores are women who take their clothes off and masturbate on camera for money or otherwise. Camwhores do public displays of sexual activity such as showing genitals and breasts in a sexual manner. CAMWHORE IS A DEROGATORY TERM USED TO DEFINE WEBCAM MODELS WHO ARE MAKING THEIR MONEY LEGALLY AND NOT STEALING. IT'S SAD THAT'S HOW PEOPLE WANT TO DEFINE EVERY GIRL WHO GETS ON CAMERA THESE DAYS.

There are girls who do it on battlecam and I am not saying they're whores for doing that. There's slutty nude and artsy nude. When Kassette was nude on battlecam, she was a beautiful vision of art. I don't consider Cazul, Notorious or Rockabetty whores for showing boobs either. They were entertaining the viewers and they are not promiscuous women. The definition of a whore is exactly that: either a promiscuous woman or a woman who has sex for money.

Whores are women who have sex with multiple partners.
People like to throw the word around without checking the definition. Wearing a bikini and singing a song are not activities that describe a whore.

Dumb whores are women who not only have sex with multiple partners but they also lack intelligence. They are women who are incapable of typing coherent sentences. Their sentences usually lack important elements such as verbs. I'm neither dumb nor a whore.

Self confident women are able to go on cam without being ashamed. Whether they get good or bad reviews, they switch the camera off and still feel good about themselves. Dumb whores need the validation from the crowd. They're usually women who have problems dealing with their appearance. A self-confident woman can weigh 300 pounds and feel beautiful, whereas a woman who lacks self-confidence will weigh 100 pounds and still feel like shit. It's all relative.

Is that a conspiracy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Battlecam needs what people with sheep-like mentality will go for

Make a profile
Upload a half-way decent picture that doesn't show what you really look like
Then cam up and do what the sheep will applaud you for doing
Then get the admiration and lust of all the idiots and men with no taste

Contratulations :-) !

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This a battlecammer named Maxinee

She's always been polite and nice to me. She's never provoked me or trolled me in any way and Yes, she has done the one thing that people think is the only trigger for me to write a negative post about a female battlecammer. I'm just not going to do this to her. This is just a shout out to her: SHOUT OUT TO MAXINEE!

I don't ''attack'' anyone unless they have done something, said something or in any way threatened my well-being and peace of mind. Interpret that as you wish, but this is my criteria. I don't ''go at'' anyone who has never said anything or done anything against me or to hurt me in any way.

If a person is in my way or trying to take something from me whether it is in concrete or abstract terms, I have full capacity to defend myself.

This is not the case with Maxinee, Gracie, Angie, Gymgirl, Battlecam Feisty, Mariana Lee, Cheryl and I could make a list with a lot more people. If I am seen lashing out at someone, cussing them out or saying anything less than positive THERE IS A REASON. I never start any of this stuff. Notwithstanding, I WILL ALWAYS DEFEND MYSELF.

I spent a great deal of time on Battlecam letting everyone troll, bully, attack, humiliate and harass me. Guess what? I am not Jesus Christ. I am no longer trying to offer my other cheek. You slap me, I will slap you back.

Not Maxinee, even though people might think that I have a reason to, I won't.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pregnant or fat?

Whether she's just fat or pregnant, she shouldn't be smoking anyway. It's just sad to see such a young girl destroying herself, becoming obese, abusing cigarettes and God-knows-what-else. It still amazes me that THIS PIG is what guys consider ''cool as fuck'', ''hot'' and encourage and make them feel like the most gorgeous woman on the planet, when all she is is a PIG.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little tip for women of fair complexion, even if they aren't ugly human beings like Barbie and Stoned Puppy

I think the person sitting next to these two women is Sick side. I don't have a beef with him. I am writing this blog post wondering how people do not see how old Barbie's face looks, how ugly her face looks and how the rumor that she was a prostitute started. As for Stoned Puppy, she's a waste of space, a piece of shit that should have been cleaned off the streets a long time ago.

Women of super white complexion, take care of your skin, stop smoking, stop drinking and moisturize, you're NOT BLESSED WITH THE DNA THAT KEEPS YOUR APPEARANCE YOUTHFUL :-) Just saying!

Yeah, some idiots out there might think you're ''cool as fuck'', but you're still aging rapidly and maybe if you die of an overdose of the drugs that you do, your art will be super valuable one day, you're talented, Barbie, but, seriously girl, take care of your skin. The drugs may keep you skinny, but they're definitely destroying your face (behind the Halloween make up, you look even scarier.)

Barbie trolls me off and on on MAIN and joins the trolls on their crusade to shut me up, keep me out of the online world and put me down. She's just a bimbo like all the others, I got strength and intellect and anyone with enough intelligence to see this WILL NOT keep idolizing people like Stoned Puppy and Barbie.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Literary Analysis, with Anna Williams

Alki David has asked me to go back to doing bikini shows, but I have made a decision not to and this is something that I have gone back and forth about for at least a year and 11 months. Now I am certain that not doing these shows is the best decision I could have ever made.

None of my shows were ever meant as a sexual performance. This is something I have been saying for almost 6 years since jtv. Notwithstanding, there have been perverted people and ignorant people who were never able to think of a woman in a bikini doing anything else on camera that wasn't meant for a sexual purpose. I fought for the entire time to present my point of view as in how much cultural content I was presenting along with the bikinis: the songs in different languages, the cultural aspects of Brazilian life and customs, the fashion aspects of the bikinis (detailing, cut, fabric, etc) or anything else that I did as I showed these bikinis. It was a futile effort that failed to reach even the one person I have loved the most in my entire life.

I refuse to be labeled, analyzed, changed or explained by anyone. If a person wants to know what I do and who I am, he or she MUST LISTEN TO OR READ MY WORDS. I am the person who knows myself best and what my intents are. None of my shows were ever meant for people to look at the same way they look and pay for shows on websites where people go for sexual purposes. I know this with my heart and soul, I know this with absolute conviction and this will not ever change.

Having said all of that, I still will do the LITERARY ANALYSIS shows and NO, they're not just ''Anna Williams reading a book''. Literary Analysis consists in teaching literature and using short stories, novels and in rare occasions I have used poems, in order to exemplify. This is definitely not the type of show most people would want to watch, but I will come down the pedestal for one second to say: I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHETHER I HAVE A BUNCH OF PEOPLE ON MY CHANNEL OR NOT, I WILL DO THE LITERARY ANALYSIS SHOWS FOR THE PRECIOUS FEW WHO HAVE A BRAIN TO APPRECIATE THEM :-)

I would like to finish this post by saying I have found more reasons to thank God for having people in my life who love me: a man who adores me, a daughter who is everything to me, a mother whose life revolves around her two children (my brother and I) and her grandchildren, a brother who cares so much about me he spent 50 dollars to send me 4 boxes of cereal that you can only find in America and who is and who will always be my favorite brother, even if I magically get ten others! I am blessed for having the strength and the intellect to have the jobs I fought to get and I will keep on living in spite of the adversities of life. I will not give up. My life is not a social experiment. Battlecam is. It's kind of funny to keep watching the gullible fools buy into every part of it, but I am not a part of it. I have my own life to live and so much love in my heart to give to the people who love me. I'm not about to give this all up for battlecam or simply give up living or let myself be trolled into destroying the good things God has awarded me the past 42 years.

So, Alki David, thanks for the message where you said you miss my bikini shows and thanks for saying on main the other day you wanted them back, but I'm not going to do that to my life again. I wish I had quit the bikini shows a lot sooner.

FYI, I thought the bikini shows were awesome. I did them more for myself than for any other reason. I loved SINGING AND SHOWING THE BIKINIS. I got a special high from those ''performances'' that was really fun for me, but I get an even bigger high FROM LIVING LIFE: waking up every morning, seeing my beautiful daughter, thinking of all this love in my heart, the man of my dreams, the captain of my heart and soul, my students, my future...

So no more bikini shows. Just LITERARY ANALYSIS from now on and I won't be a hypocrite and say things I don't mean, so I will just leave this post as what it is :-)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm not gonna waste grammar and vocabulary on this person. I will give you readers a brief description of what she is: She has played with the heart and soul with at least one person I know, she has used the vulnerability of at least two people who were having trouble in their relationships to her advantage and her justification is ''they came to me''. Yes, they went to you knowing you're an easy whore who would give anyone what they want. Her naked Pictures were on the jtvwoodshed over a year before I had any beef with her. She has been a source of pain and suffering for a few people I know and she is not worth it. Having beautiful long flowing hair, being thin and using a filter to cover your age and your imperfections might be working for you, but at the end of the day, KNEECOAL, you're just a piece of shit, a pig, a skank, a whore, a monster and a prostitute who sells your body for weed, wine, Pringles and God knows what.else. YOU deserve these Words:pig, bitch, piece of shit, skank.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jebwhiskas or JTVnews? Whoever you are, you've showed how ignorant you really are now :-)

So I go on one day out of the blue and decide to do one of my literature lectures on there. Nothing out of the ordinary: I banned people who said I was ''doing homework'', who asked about 50 shades of gray, etc. I choose to read Pulitzer prize and Nobel prize winners rather than the trash some people call books, such as the ''romance novels'' people pick up at the airport. The books I read are taught in Yale, Harvard, UWS Australia, UCLA, UFES, URJ and many other academically accredited institutions in the world. 

The reason I'm saying this on my blog is to explain why I banned Jebwhiskas (who I suspect is JTVNews) from my channel the other day. I will be honest: I don't like the Harry Potter books or movies, neither do I like Lord of The Rings or anything remotely resembling this type of genre. Notwithstanding, I will not dismiss the value it has for kids all over the world who had never opened up a book and who actually decided to read BECAUSE of J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien. Any reading is better than no reading at all in this particular case. I will say an emphatic NO to 50 shades of gray, but I will give Caesar what belongs to Caesar: these authors created a fantasy world that is appealing to teenagers and kids all over the globe and they ARE READING. Therefore, when Jebwhiskas says Alice Walker isn't a good author or dismisses the importance of her masterpieces of Literature the way he did on my channel, he's simply being ignorant.

I will say this much: he could have said ''Not my cup of tea'' and I wouldn't have banned him. Not only did he dismiss Alice Walker's books, but he also started mocking me when I started to speak about how I would have to translate some words into Norwegian for the people attending my lecture in the main Library of the THIRD BIGGEST CITY in Norway. Jeb-THEIGNORANT-Whiskas said :''I will translate for you: blah, blah, blah.''. This shows me how ignorance is not bliss, it's just IGNORANCE. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are genuine Scandinavian languages, not gibberish. Anyone who fails to see this is a bloody idiot.

So he's banned and so is everyone else who can't differentiate between merely reading a book out loud and TEACHING LITERATURE :-) 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I find it funny how these people who have been on BC for 5 minutes and arrived because they saw it on TV and KNOW NOTHING OF BC HISTORY think they can tell an ORIGINAL BROADCASTER FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY OF THE SITE'S EXISTENCE how to broadcast, how to deal with trolls, etc. I say : STFU, you don't know BC. You ARE NOT BC, you're just on there.

Just because you do a few jackass stunts or make a fool out of yourself on cam and spend hours on main at a time doesn't make you an OG Battlecammer. I AM BATTLECAM, BITCHES! Deal with it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cyber Bullies won't stop, even after a person's death

I'm not one of those people who will start canonizing a person just because he or she is dead. I believe that no matter who you were when you were alive, once you're gone, nothing can affect you anymore. Therefore it's clear that Brent and the other cyber bullies following in his footsteps are wasting time and simply showing what kind of cruel human beings they are.

Like I have ALWAYS SAID: I haven't spoken ill of people who haven't done anything to me. I will lash out in self-defense. Anything that I have ever said about these assholes and skankeroos was said because they have done something to deserve it.

Bard has been dead for almost a year. What has he ever done to LOCS and BRENT for them to be speaking ill of him now? Is that what kind of cowards they are?

Never mind... I forgot where I saw this: BATTLECAM, AKA CYBER BULLY PLAYGROUND.

They can say whatever they want, but they can and will not destroy me.

I don't have the time to be on there as I had before. Work has been keeping me away from the evil grounds of battlecam and as much as my life these people have managed to destroy, they haven't gotten the very best of my heart: LOVE, STRENGTH, INTELLECT AND PERSEVERANCE. These are attributes most of those bullies including the C14 who uses the account at 16-18:00 Oslo time, do not have. Some of the people on this site have to pick up a dictionary or google words I say because they've never heard them before.

There are two ways to approach a situation like that: be on my side and learn from me or be against me and join the sea of ignorance on the site. If you choose to stay with me, I will gladly share the knowledge of things I am good at with you. If you choose to troll me to look cool in front of the cyber bullies and potential criminals on the site, then don't complain about what I have to write on here.

Trolling a dead person? Really? Is this how low you're gonna go for no reason?

If someone hits you and you hit back, I can understand the rage. If someone is dead and you start throwing punches at their spirit and memory, you're just a coward, a cruel, sadistic criminal wanting to hurt those loved ones of the person you're attacking.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


That is all I am going to say. If you don't want me to say anything bad about you, DO NOT FUCK WITH ME, BITCH. I WILL defend myself. I have this right.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

People who only chat negatively and never have one positive thing to say are not CHAT WARRIORS, they're chat box COWARDS AND CATFISH

If you never cammed up anywhere and your sole activity in chat is negative chatting and bullying people, you're not a chatbox warrior, you're just a coward.

I only ever attack in SELF-DEFENSE. There isn't one person on here about whom I said something negative who hasn't said something about me or been fake to me or attacked me. I never started shit with anyone out of nowhere. If they attack me or are fake towards me, then I will gladly oblige in defending myself. I am nothing like the chat box warriors or the trolls who are so invested in trolling they will type the same thing 23 times (this was the amount of times BRENT typed his mandatory troll to me at one point).

I'm sure anyone who has opened a window with BATTLECAM.COM on it has seen BREN'T's words in the chat box. He (or she?) has been around for many years on battlecam. I am not sure where this troll comes from or what the intentions behind this name are. What I do know is that I did a little experiment of my own a while back and noticed the following: I went to work in the morning and saw that he was logged on chatting away. Actually, he was trolling away. I worked for 7 hours, went home, had dinner, bathed my daughter and then logged on to BC.

It was no surprise that BRENT was there. This person is almost ALWAYS on battlecam, just like SKUNKYBUDDY AND  BABYFACEKILLA . There is no way on this planet that a ''real and normal'' person would be sitting in front of a screen or on their ipads, android phones or laptops for over 20 hours a day chatting.

This is the reason why I believe these are merely USERNAMES  that multiple people access at different times. In SKUNKYBUDDY'S case, I can clearly see a shift change. At a certain time, the comments become different, the sentence patterns, word choices and ''trolling techniques'' change. There was one of those raging imbeciles in chat the other day saying that ''oh, but we've seen skunkybuddy on cam before''. The same thing was said about a troll named Mizz. She used to chat up guys on skype, facebook, battlecam and twitter, but NO ONE HAD EVER SEEN HER ON CAM. They'd talk to her via text in chat and this troll was so adroit at conversation that she actually managed to make a couple of guys fall in love with her just looking at pictures. These idiots never saw her on camera, just saw text in chat boxes and believed she was a real person.

One of these men actually went to see her in Florida, if I'm not mistaken, and was broken-hearted to find out she never showed. She obviously had stolen photos from someone's FB profile or dead myspace profile somewhere and managed to CATFISH this poor battlecammer. I won't name him in here, but people who have been on BC for the past 4 years would have remembered this case.

I don't trust or believe anyone who ALWAYS CHATS AND NEVER CAMS UP ANYWHERE. Unless this person has been seen on skype, facebook, battlecam, vaughnlive or anywhere where one can corroborate their existence, I don't believe they are real. This has been my policy for the longest time and I feel sorry for the idiots who fall for these stupid scams. I see these guys complimenting a girl's profile picture, telling her she's smoking hot without ever having seen her on cam and I immediately think to myself: ''What a fool.''  If the girl has been on camera and you've actually heard her talk and interacted with her, then it makes sense.

I started out writing this blog post about BRENT and how I got him to admit to me that what he says are merely trolls and that he knows Rachel is a girl among other things. My mind started to drift and I ended up telling other stories, but it's all good. This is my blog, BITCHES! I WILL WRITE ABOUT WHATEVER I WANT. U MAD? I SURE AS HELL AM NOT :-) Life is really good for me now: work is going incredibly well and I've been paying bills and also giving my daughter lots of gifts :-)

Saturday, September 6, 2014


I wish I had more proof to show what kind of a cyber bully, cruel facebook troll and despicable piece of shit this woman is. She obviously spends her days in Battlecam chat and facebook posting comments on people's posts.

Missrisa, with her 56 year old face, had the nerve to say NATASHA  looks old.

Natasha IS YOUNGER than MissRisa and looks hell of a lot better.

Missrisa is so fake that she sits in Anneurysm's channel kissing her ass, but I have seen her in the shoutbox many times in the past badmouthing Anne.

She does the same with BISH. She kisses her ass, but when she's not around, Missrisa will bash her.

Society lets women like Missrisa get away with such behavior because of its twisted notions of what's beautiful. I used to think she was gorgeous until I saw a closeup of her face one day and saw how much aging she has done in such a short period of time. She's not aging well. Poor thing.

Yesterday I was asked ''why is a woman of such class talking so much trash?''. My choice now is to stop trying to figure out why these idiots are back stabbing me, trolling me, putting me down and thriving in joining the cyber bullies against me. My choice now is to simply speak my mind and no longer try to make peace with the enemy. Let them talk their trash, I know how to use my words and I can defend myself.

At the end of the day, they can say what they will about my small breasts (they're beautiful, perky and the tiniest on the planet, but I love them and I am not getting a boob job like my mom did, I will embrace the figure God gave me), but that's all they have. My skin is glowing with youth and I am 42 years old, have no wrinkles while these BIATCHES in their 30s are already falling apart with all the cigarette smoking and drug abusing they do.

The other day I had eyeliner and lipstick on when I cammed up. I don't wear foundation, my skin is really healthy. I have acne from time to time, but it clears up and at its best, my skin is way better than most women my age and even younger.

Missrisa was saying I had make up on. Poor BITCh, trying to insult me, she paid me a compliment: I had no foundation on, that WAS MY SKIN ON CAM.

She loves to call other women old, ugly, etc, but she fails to realize that all she has is based on being white, skinny and having long hair. These are traits that society embraces. There's nothing special about her, but she is living in a fantasy world where she is idolized by a bunch of trolls and cyber bullies so she thinks she's something, when she is actually NOTHING BUT A FAKE ASS BITCH.

I haven't been broadcasting much. I am now working full time in the areas of expertise I spent 6 years in college for and I am really happy, making money, raising my kid while life goes on on BC and the trolls wake up every day to fill the chat with  cruelty, but I'm just not there to read it.

I have a voice here on this blog and I will continue to use it to expose the PIGS OF BATTLECAM who think they're so special because some BC guy told them they wanna fuck them. Yeah, keep thinking that, bitches :-)

Friday, September 5, 2014


How nasty does a person have to be to physically have anything to do with a woman who looks like a penguin?  She's a young girl, with a pretty face, but her body is a mixture of SANTA CLAUS AND A PENGUIN.

This is one of the things that really bothers me with GENERATION WHATEVER: they drug themselves, they eat themselves into oblivion and they treat their bodies with a lot of disrespect. How old is LICKERSHIT? 20-25-28? EVEN IF SHE'S IN HER 30'S , SHE'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OUT OF SHAPE, SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF. I'm 42 years old and my body looks a gazillion times better.

''Oh, but she had a kid.''

Guess what? So did I. I had a child and I carried her in my womb for 9 months, gained a little bit under 16 pounds and my stomach doesn't have as many rolls as some of these bitches on BC.

Chelly is one of the nastiest ones on there. I've seen the screencaps circulating of when she was lifting her boobs to show guys and she forgot to SUCK IN HER NASTY GUT. LICKERSHIT IS THE SAME WAY: NASTY STOMACH.

She has the typical SANTA CLAUS BODY that a lot of desperate guys settle for because these women usually have big boobs, albeit attached to a fat stomach and skinny legs like toothpicks. I can't stress this enough: LICKERSHIT HAS A GROSS STOMACH.

Yet, there are still guys who want to ''fuck the shit out of her''. Well, they are just as nasty as she is for even saying this.

I just had a bit of breakfast and I feel like vomiting just thinking of this young girl, with a beautiful face attached to a body that's been beaten down by drugs and unhealthy eating. SHE'S NASTY AND SO ARE THE MEN WHO WANT TO FUCK HER.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


A couple of months ago, I posted a picture on my facebook. Nothing abnormal, unusual or out of the ordinary (pleonasms,I know!) . This picture was of three of my neighbors. They're all from Iraq, they all have very thick mustaches and they have the same exact skin complexion and facial features as well as hair style of Saddam Hussein's. I wrote  a caption :''I have so many neighbors who look like Saddam Hussein'', or something to that effect.

Here is where SugarToSkank, aka DOZEDonAbunchOfDifferentDrugs, decides to make a joke of her own and insults me with the subtlety of racism that is to be expected of someone who doesn't want people to know they are that ignorant that they can't see discerning characteristics in people from different countries and cultures just because they have the same skin color.

The men I showed on my photo ARE FROM IRAQ, Saddam Hussein's land, and they COME FROM THE SAME CULTURAL BACKGROUND. I wasn't grouping them up just for the way they looked and I wasn't in any way saying they committed crimes or that the content of their character was bad or even insinuating this.

The joke made by SKANKYDOSHA was racist and biased in many levels:

1st She chose two women being arrested
2nd She chose two women wearing disgustingly poorly put together weaves
3rd She chose two black women from the United States
4th She chose women with a different skin complexion from mine
5th She chose women who were physically unattractive
6th She chose women who had very different facial features from mine

I have never been arrested, don't wear weaves, am not from the USA, am of a unique skin complexion because of my indigenous and black ancestry, have modeled and been paid for this work due to my physical characteristics therefore not unattractive physically, have very fine delicate Black BRAZILIAN FEATURES in my face. Her parallel had absolutely no foundation, whereas what I put forth was a simple fact that a lot of guys in my neighborhood are from Iraq and sport the same hair style and physical characteristics as Saddam Hussein.

By posting that picture, she was insinuating I'm something I am not, whereas I was not making any assumptions about the men in my neighborhood. Most of the refugees from Iraq and other places of the world who come to Norway are law abiding citizens who do nothing to receive the reputation of the criminals from their countries.

SugarToSpice, DazedOnDosha or whatever her username is on BC thinks I have to act a certain way because of the color of my skin.

She doesn't accept that I speak EIC and not African American Vernacular and she has a hard time understanding that I am a BLACK BRAZILIAN and not AN AFRICAN AMERICAN. To her ignorant mind, it's all the same and I should embrace a certain attitude even though it is NOT PART OF MY CULTURE.

Let us just say for a moment that she really has a degree in SOCIOLOGY as she claims and she's only joking about all of this and is trying to see how I would react. If this is true, I will retract most of what was said in this post and apologize for calling her SugarToSkank and other nasty names, which if she actually means everything she's said are well deserved.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Taking a break

I never announce ''I'm quitting BC'' because I know I would end up coming right back and the big announcement would be just a joke. I do, however, sometimes take breaks. I have been away from BC for months at a time, weeks at a time, days at a time. I always return because I enjoy the site.

When I do take breaks, I like to let people know I'm taking a break because GOD FORBID that I'd give the trolls the satisfaction of thinking ''we trolled her off'' :-)

I'm going to be gone for a bit and it's gonna be a week or more depending on how this experience goes. My fans, all four of them, can finish reading THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY on their own and they can find some good insightful notes and tips on sites like, and

Don't ever think that reading the Cliff Notes substitutes reading the book. It just doesn't. Read the book and use the rest of the material you find on it as support material that will help you understand the book better.

I will bring THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY back when I come back to BC, but in the meantime, prepare yourselves for the next book: THE SCARLET LETTER, by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

We went from British Literature with Oscar Wilde to American Literature with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

So long, BC!

I'll be back!