Important definitions

A cyber bully is someone who uses cruel statements about one's family, health condition, personal matters and other important parts of a person's life in order to make them suffer on camera until they either stop camming up or hurt themselves.

A troll is someone who picks on casters by telling them things such as ''your hair looks like shit'', ''your makeup looks like you have sex for money'', ''your voice sounds like a squirrel'' and things that don't really have the power to make anyone feel the urge to hurt themselves.

Cyber bullies want to destroy. Trolls just want to play.


Camwhores are women who take their clothes off and masturbate on camera for money or otherwise. Camwhores do public displays of sexual activity such as showing genitals and breasts in a sexual manner. CAMWHORE IS A DEROGATORY TERM USED TO DEFINE WEBCAM MODELS WHO ARE MAKING THEIR MONEY LEGALLY AND NOT STEALING. IT'S SAD THAT'S HOW PEOPLE WANT TO DEFINE EVERY GIRL WHO GETS ON CAMERA THESE DAYS.

There are girls who do it on battlecam and I am not saying they're whores for doing that. There's slutty nude and artsy nude. When Kassette was nude on battlecam, she was a beautiful vision of art. I don't consider Cazul, Notorious or Rockabetty whores for showing boobs either. They were entertaining the viewers and they are not promiscuous women. The definition of a whore is exactly that: either a promiscuous woman or a woman who has sex for money.

Whores are women who have sex with multiple partners.
People like to throw the word around without checking the definition. Wearing a bikini and singing a song are not activities that describe a whore.

Dumb whores are women who not only have sex with multiple partners but they also lack intelligence. They are women who are incapable of typing coherent sentences. Their sentences usually lack important elements such as verbs. I'm neither dumb nor a whore.

Self confident women are able to go on cam without being ashamed. Whether they get good or bad reviews, they switch the camera off and still feel good about themselves. Dumb whores need the validation from the crowd. They're usually women who have problems dealing with their appearance. A self-confident woman can weigh 300 pounds and feel beautiful, whereas a woman who lacks self-confidence will weigh 100 pounds and still feel like shit. It's all relative.

Is that a conspiracy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kiss my gigantic black ass

There was a time when all archives dating back to 2010 were available to us on main. Now they go back to February 2013, I believe. It would have been great to see some of the ORIGINAL BROADCASTERS' ARCHIVES.

I've been on the site for over 5 years.

So much has happened over the years and I have taken all the trolling, harassment and even bullying from a few staff members. 

None of this has ever made me stop casting.

If I am not on there as often as before there are two reasons: my work schedule and my personal life. I haven't let battlecam destroy what I hold dear to my heart all these years. The trolls have gotten to other people and made my life quite difficult because of the lies they pass out as truths and because of the rumours they concoct and try to beat into other people's brains. At a vulnerable moment, a person may believe this stuff and this might destroy something in someone's personal life. 

Something that has survived for years is not going to be destroyed permanently because of the efforts some staff members and most trolls put into trying to destroy it.

Many have tried, but they won't ever succeed.

I still broadcast on my channels and YES, PRIVATELY. The bozos asking for my password must really think I was born yesterday. I am not giving the password to anyone.

The good archives are being used for my youtube channels and for personal projects. Every once in a while I may go on main, but I am careful not to overdo it because everything I say and what is misconstrued based on what I say is eventually used against me in my personal life.
No, I will not leave the site. I haven't been trolled off in 5 years and even people at the top of the Battlecam Staff Hierarchy have tried their hardest to get me to stop coming to the site and haven't succeeded.

They can kiss my gigantic black ass. I'm not leaving.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What is a pornographic display?

I heard Misswright talking about my bikini shows and saying that they were immoral and indecent. I'm just wondering what she considers what she does in her channel.

In this gif, she spreads her legs in see-through underwear.

I had seen her show her boobs (no nipples , as if it makes a difference!) before, but I didn't know she actually flashed her vagina.

People say I am starved for attention and that my bikini shows are just a pornographic display, but I beg to differ. I have never showed my vagina or my boobs (not even the way she's doing it : no nipples).

I wear Brazilian cut style bikinis and yes, one can see my buttcheeks for a fraction of a second when I show the back of the bikinis.

I'm not quite sure why MissWright420 thinks she has the right to criticize me.

This is what the post is about because for the shit talk of years ago I have already apologized.

Society appreciates her physical type and she is popular with Battlecam guys and most likely with real life guys as well. No one is questioning that, I am not either.

There is no comparison between physical types. There are beautiful Asian girls, beautiful Latinas, beautiful mixed girls, beautiful white girls, beautiful black girls, beautiful redheads and other types. There are also men who will go for one or another physical type.

I'm in no way comparing myself to her. I'm older, darker and... very different. Let's just put it this way :)

Look at both gifs and decide which one is the indecent immoral display. I may not be gorgeous and perfect through the eyes of most Battlecammers, but I never claimed to be, neither do I do my shows to try and say that I am any of those things. It's about the bikinis. It's not about pornographic displays or giving men something to jerk off to, but I am pretty sure if I flashed my vagina in a see through set of panties, chances are this would be jerk off material whereas a person standing at the back of a room singing songs in a bikini not doing a pornographic pose to me is pure fashion and art. Who am I to judge? Let MissWright420 flash her vagina, but please shut the fuck up about my bikini shows because they're nothing like her shows. My content is very different. I don't sit there and chit chat with trolls for attention. I present my content and I sometimes don't even interact with the viewers. It's about content: literature, fashion, languages and YES, BANNING TROLLS AND IRRITATING PEOPLE :) 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How much is a person's misery worth?

If only people knew to what lengths people are willing to go just to ''troll people''. They will get into their personal lives, lie to them, try to make friends or get very close and then pull the carpet under their feet.

I've seen trolls like Straws pull this stunt on a lot of people.

There are men out there who used to think he was a woman.

There are women out there now thinking he's a nice and friendly guy, when all he is doing is trolling them.

I have other examples of this type of thing that goes on on Battlecam, but I have already lost enough in real life because of Battlecam. I will just give people one piece of advice: TRUST NO ONE.

People will sell themselves for a few bucks, for a polit badge, for popularity on Battlecam and they will literally sell their souls to FIlmon as it acts as the devil so that they can have these material things.

A person's heart is worth material things: filmon T-shirts and merchandise. Who cares if anyone gets hurt or is ridiculed and humiliated on Battlecam as long as the other person gets his or her goods?

It's appalling.

At first I didn't really believe all of this, but now I have a lot of reasons to believe it.

They will throw someone under a bus for MODSHIP on main, a polit badge, filmon T-shirts and merchandise.

Straws is probably doing what he is doing for fun because he takes a lot of satisfaction from humiliating people without provocation. I've seen him doing this on main to many people.

I never fell for his trolling. I have always known he was a troll.

I feel bad for people who don't see this and get hurt.

Maybe they will figure this out soon enough and won't have to suffer like others did.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Riddle me this: she's a closet racist and sends her dirty underwear to random guys on BC to manipulate them

Meanwhile on Battlecam...

I just heard this story about Fern having skype sex with Gracie or claiming to and then trashing her on T0xic's show.

He also claims to have had skype sex with Rachel.

Like any other type of sex, this should be private and part of a relationship that has an emotional connection or love. It is really degrading to see these people bragging about what they did with women in private, women who trusted them enough with their bodies on camera.

If a woman goes on chaturbate, myfreecams, cam4 and/or does skype naked with several dozens of guys, there's no way she can expect it to be kept a secret. The blogs will get a hold of her nudes and have a field day with them. However, if a woman is in private with a guy who she connects with, it is a major douchebag move to brag about it or share her pictures.

I think people own their bodies and they can do whatever they want with themselves. It's no shame to have sexuality and exercise it in whatever way you see fit. Porn stars, camgirls, strippers, topless waitresses or dancers, etc have the right to do what they want and STILL BE RESPECTED.

No slut shaming here.

I believe that my own sexuality is private and a part of an emotional connection.

I do, notwithstanding, believe that it's not my place or anyone's place to judge others. I see women who send their dirty underwear to random guys on Battlecam, have skype sex with them, brag about it on the main channel on Battlecam and want to call people whores. That's a double standard.

There's a closet racist who gets away with racism on Battlecam because she doesn't call me a monkey, but she makes a RACIST REFERENCE TO THIS BY CALLING ME BANANA WILLIAMS.

She has called me the N word on a private channel before and was never reprimmanded for that because she's an OG battlecammer. Oh well! Karma is coming for her, I won't have to post her pictures on here or even say her name. She's a racist, she's a cruel and manipulative fake bitch who plays people. She plays two sides of every story and tries to get away with it. I don't think there's any amount of gifts or dirty underwear that will ever make up for her rotten personality. This is an alcoholic, drug abuser who spends her entire days on battlecam, whose name is ALWAYS in the userslist because she is more addicted to battlecam than some of us BC addicts.

I haven't and won't leave the site.

She can put my stuff out there, but I have a lot of trash on her, too. So she'd better shut up with the not so subtle racism. One of the censors might pick up on it and ban her for racism one day :) Her life would be over, that bitch can't live without battlecam.

Lucky for me I CAN :) I go in from time to time, she's in there on a daily basis.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Only battlecam idiots fap to granny looking women :) I'm sorry, it's true!

These camsites create a lot of illusions for people. One of these illusions is that certain people are attractive when they're not.

I see the busted old looking women on Battlecam, and other sites being told how gorgeous and sexy they are all the time. They have this sense of feeling attractive because of how many virgins, men with bad taste, men who don't have a shot at anything better or who perhaps HAVE A SHOT AT SOMEONE A LOT MORE BEAUTIFUL, BUT ARE JUST BLIND TO THIS give these women all this affection and attention that makes them feel like they're as hot as Farrah Fawcett in the 70's and 80's when they're in fact more like Joan Rivers shortly before she passed away.

Society dictates that white women are better-looking and the sheep mentality makes a lot of men follow this.

Here's the reality:

unless they get vaginal surgery, these white women who smoke and drink will have a pussy that is as saggy as their faces look.

black women have elasticity in their skin, their pussies will be as youthful as their faces and bodies look for a very long time

So, go ahead and keep your old white grandmother fetish, here's what black women look like in their 40s. If you want to keep on masturbating to wrinkles, there's something wrong with you. That's my opinion and that of a lot of sensible people with good eyesight

Thursday, July 23, 2015



There are several clues that can help one figure out which casters are ''real casters'' who organically found battlecam either through other camsites online or on tv or the casters who were recruited to be on there.

First of all, it's easy to see that if someone joined the site one week, they wouldn't be able to know so much about the entire history of the site and all of the casters who were on there from the start. If you see a ''new'' caster talking about casters who have been there for a while and they seem to be too knowledgeable about them, it's because they've been given this information beforehand.

Some of the mods on main watched videos of the OG casters to get familiarized with the history of the site.

''How do you know so much about Jimmy Derzko, ____________________________ (insert mod who came to the site way after Derzko was on there in here) ?''

''Mostly through videos.''

The walls of the casters who are paid to be on there are hidden. It's not only the casters, but also some of the professional trolls or as I like to call them ''CHAT FLUFFERS''. There are times of the day when NO ONE is in chat, so they need these chat fluffers to fill the voids in chat. There is a vicious female troll who was gifted with a camera by one of the administrators from the site and has a lot to say to most females that come to the site. She will attack anyone and everyone without provocation.

She has access to features the ''common chatters and casters'' do not have access to and her wall is strategically hidden.

Recently filmon has hired a caster who found the site organically and has been on there for almost three years. Now that this caster has ''gone to the dark side'', their wall has been hidden and this caster has to be on camera or have their cast on for a number of hours a day.

It's on their contract.

There's no justification to attacking someone who hasn't attacked you first

I don't understand why a lot of people who don't even know Cheryl will start attacking her JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS. I can understand people getting into an argument and starting a beef because they disagreed and things didn't go too well while they were interacting, but I do not understand why a lot of people jump on the bandwagon to attack her without even knowing her. They repeat what they see in chat.

I think this has something to do with the Lucifer effect because I have seen a lot of very good people joining the bullies to attack Cheryl. The Lucifer effect has something to do with very good people doing very bad things under a set of circumstances. Battlecam is a breeding ground for this. In many ways, some staff members contribute to it because they also harass, bully and humiliate people.

Not everyone does this, though. Cheryl does have friends on the site. Some people don't want others to know that they are friends with her because they don't want to stand up to the bullies.
It's very sad and I wish that the staff members weren't allowed to condone this.

I only lash out at people who have in some way affected or tried to affect me. I never started a beef out of nowhere with anyone on that site or anywhere.


One of Battlecam most desired women: Denise

She has a ton of fans and she has been on the site since Battlecam went on TV. I am doing this shout out on my blog, which is rather unusual, because I may have been unfair to her in the past and maybe the future holds a different reality for all of us.

We are both mothers, we are both dedicated and we are both sensitive people.

I will always acknowledge the good even though there were some bad aspects to how I met someone.

A lot of women on Battlecam have bashed me without having all the information about my life.

The reality is that I won't give everyone on there my 100% self.

I have had my pet peeves and problems with Denise and she is well aware of what they were and I am sure she is aware of how things are now. This is nobody's business.

I'm only writing this post because something just clicked this morning and I figured out so much about myself thanks to Denise.

Sometimes help to solving your problems comes from the most unusual places.

I have also learned that beauty and taste are always hand in hand. If a man is into bigger breasts, he will always want more voluptuous women. There's no changing that.

Just like if a man is into black women, sometimes he won't even look at how pretty or how not pretty they are. He will just date any girl who is black.

My other blog safi-anna is about self-esteem, weight gain and loss, relationship with the mirror and my life in general, but the reason why I picked this blog to post this was due to the fact that Denise has a very loyal battlecam following and I am sure her fans will be pleased to see her pictures and admire the beauty that she represents, who most men are interested in and will go to any blog to see. They will even come to my blog, where I get maybe 20 readers a day. It's more about quality, people who come here are usually interested in reading.

Shout out to Denise D.D. from Battlecam. I wish her and the lucky man under her arm a lifetime of happiness.

Friday, July 3, 2015

It was more about the Lord, not so much about the freaks...

The premiere of the movie LORD OF THE FREAKS was the biggest thing on Battlecam in recent days. One could always come into chat and read people speculating whether they would or not be in the movie. It seemed as though most people on that website thought it would be a movie ABOUT BATTLECAM. It became clear to me, after paying the fee and watching the movie, that the movie was about ALKI DAVID'S JOURNEY THE PAST 5 YEARS.

There were a series of interviews with people who shared with him the experience of working at studios and in various other projects he has been involved with for the past 5 years. The part of the movie that WAS about Battlecam was shockingly not that long. Most of the focus was on the events that took place in the studio and the events that were planned out in advance in which a lot of paid actors were involved. In 2011 I already knew that this was the case: that there were paid casters on BC and that their ''work'' would eventually be used in some sort of bigger project. I was right.

Joe Wisdom and Real Justin were the only Battlecammers that stood out in the movie as really having something to do with it. I know that T-Tone will hate me for this, but I really don't think of the people who joined after September 2012 (almost three years after most of us OG BATTLECAM CASTERS AND CHATTERS HAD BEEN TAKING ABUSE FROM TROLLS AND OBSERVING ALKI'S MADNESS AND HIS METHOD) as ''real battlecammers''. I think of them as a new addition to the site and I see their importance as an audience to these events that T-Tone has put together and creating this ''battlecam family'' as he calls it. As for their battlecam essence, they have very little of it.

I think of someone who belongs on Battlecam as a person who has seen the genesis of it from the moment Alki kept getting banned from for showing his ass and announced he would create his own platform. The link we accessed to watch Battlecam was not even back then. I know that I am listed as officially signed up for BC in the beginning of MAY, 2010, but I was there the very first day Alki announced that his prank call show would be exclusively on Battlecam. I used to watch his prank call shows as the Eccentric billionaire a lot on He even went to my shows and said I was ''a hoot'' , he was a mod on my channel on and whenever I private messaged him with a question or comment he was always very kind to reply (and still is).

The movie closes with (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

a look into what the future holds for him: THE LORD OF THE FREAKS. Alki talks about his hologram technology and how he intends to plunge into this exclusively. It brings back memories of when Jennifer Stano cammed up on Battlecam and said to all of us (about 55 people) that she could easily see the day when Alki would not be as involved with BATTLECAM, that he would eventually find another project and dedicate himself to that instead.

The prophecy fulfilled itself and Alki is headed for bigger things. Battlecam is now ''just a website'' as put by one of the people interviewed in the movie documenting Alki's journey over the past 5 years. As soon as I realized the movie was about Alki and not so much about Battlecam broadcasters, I felt a sense of relief because as much as I love being on camera and would love being on A MOVIE, I do not think being referred to as one of Battlecam freaks, degenerates and scum of the Earth would go together well with what I do for a living. So I immediately realized I wasn't going to be included. I am sure that the administrators and a few of the people who hate my guts would see this as some sort of punishment that I wasn't included, but I like to look at this as a glass full type of situation: I am a teacher, professor, lecturer, translator and the label ''FREAK'' would do me no favors. It only takes one person in a circle of friends to see something online and pass it along. With the advent of things like Facebook, Twitter, youtube and all the other devices that spread information, it wouldn't take long for someone to find this out and I have come a long way since the end of my leave with pay to take care of Skyler in 2010, working as a substitute teacher off and on and working at that hotel, disgracing my back. I am now working as a teacher, lecturer, professor and translator exclusively and I am building a future that resembles very much what I set up to do with my life when I designed the plan for my career: high school, college, university and then work in my area of expertise.

So I am happy that label of ''freak'' is not attached to my name and whoever decided not to include me did me a gigantic favor. I was happy to see that a lot of the true freaks were included in the movie confessing addiction to meth, burning their genitals, crucifying themselves, disgracing the image of an entire race, etc. I am not going to name names. I write for people who have insightful minds and who can interpret what they read as well as reflect over it. This is a blog, not an album with pictures, videos and screenshots.

I hope Alki does succeed in his endeavors with holograms and that he is happy doing what he loves. It is a pity not to see him on Battlecam as often as he used to be on 5 years ago. Watching the movie made me realize how much time has elapsed since that day in 2009 when I was invited by Lily (Questionable_behavior on to watch one of his prank call shows and that's when I became an OG Battlecammer, before the website even began I was already an Alki David fan and I embraced the concept he proposed to us on of the BATTLE FOR AIR TIME. I'm not a freak, I am an OG BATTLECAMMER :)

Long live the Lord of the Freaks :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This guy is probably gonna get banned and go straight to Battlecam

    Anyone that tries to justify racism of any form is showing their own ignorance. There is no place for this type of behavior in 2015. Knowing what we know now about Josef Mengele and Adolf Hitler, it would be foolish to repeat the same mistakes. If the Holocaust hasn't taught people a lesson, nothing else will. There is a difference between acknowledging the historical facts surrounding the events triggered by this hatred and idolizing these two men who were , in essence, malignant sociopathic people who used their intelligence and talents for evil causes.

   I saw this guy on vaughn spewing racist generalizations and I didn't even bother signing in or trying to speak with him. People with this sort of belief system cannot be reasoned with and I have learned this over the past 42 years navigating Earth as a woman of color. I have seen discrimination up close and personal and never have I seen it WORSE than in the USA. I love the USA and I do not believe that everyone is a racist in that country. Notwithstanding, I must say that people use the FREEDOM OF SPEECH concept way too fast and loosely and they use that to justify their racist behavior. They feel they have the right to do so.

   What this guy on vaughn is doing has very little to do with Freedom of Speech. I do not know where he is from, but if he starts raising an American flag in the name of Freedom of Speech to justify the nasty words he had to say about Native Americans and Mexicans, he absolutely is wrong in doing this. He's spreading words of hatred and this should not be allowed anywhere. Next thing you know he will be on Battlecam. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I think I saw my girl Brandie Rose. I hope I wasn't dreaming :)

Unless you have been watching camsites from at least 2009, you won't know who Brandie Rose is.
On jtv she always had a lot of viewers. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, but the trolls will say otherwise because they cyber bullied her with enhancements of cruelty.

Back in 2009, they would go to her channel on jtv and call her names, bring up her daughter and try to get her to react negatively, make her cry and all sorts of different cyber torture techniques. These people are vile and some of them are still around, unfortunately. Let us hope they will be prevented from attacking her on Battlecam where I think I saw her.

She's a beautiful woman inside and out. I have talked to her a lot in the past about our kids, about life in general and she was always extremely polite, sweet and considerate towards me. I like her a lot and I hope she keeps broadcasting.

If I was dreaming and that wasn't Brandie I saw, then disregard this post :)

I miss jtv whenever I see the casters who made that site what it was back in the day: Brandie, Kel, Telemarketer Torture, Tommy Mothman, SmokeThis, Surfrat, Lmarie and so many others.

I really hope I wasn't dreaming...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Not mere coincidence

I don't like the title that they gave to this video and I didn't make it. What I do like about the video is that T0xic brings up something I often suspected and have been called paranoid and delusional for bringing up: certain battlecam glitches are not glitches, they are deliberately applied to certain accounts to mess with people in one way or another.

Maybe it is because they don't like what's being said or maybe it is simply to provoke a reaction, which seems to be what the premise of every troll is.

T0xic always has a lot of viewers and he does encourage logical thinking, critical reasoning and something that is not at all the sheep-like mentality that is desired somewhere where the most popular people are the ones who do the most idiotic, most disgusting things on camera.

There is still the reality show aspect of Battlecam allied to the Game-show appeal these days, which are two things I really enjoy. Otherwise I would have left. I have not stuck around because of the trolls, I have stuck around because of the aspects of the site which I enjoy and appreciate.

What T0xic says on this video will make a lot of sense to people who have been on BC for the past 5 years.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A(nother) failed attempt to get me to rage on cam

This is all I am going to say: I am not going to the premiere of the movie LORD OF THE FREAKS. There was NEVER, AT ANY POINT IN TIME, ANY PLAN FOR MY PRESENCE AT THIS EVENT. I have been made aware that there are people claiming that I am going as someone's date, but this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, especially because I have absolutely no interest in this person sexually, romantically or in any way and have made this clear abundantly.

I live in Norway. There is no way in HELL that I would leave my daughter, my husband and my jobs simply to attend the premiere of a movie. I'm not a celebrity or anyone relevant in the entertainment business. There is no reason why I would attend. If I lived in California, I might think about it and guess who I would ask to go with me? MY HUSBAND.

People seem to think that the strong response of an aggravated Anna Williams over a year ago to a certain event will repeat itself. These people are wrong. None of the facts that led to my actions and words in 2013 or any time in the past are relevant or true today: May, 2015.

I won't get on camera to yell at anyone or to cry and try to defend myself from anything said to me or about me. Whoever is orchestrating this should just stop because the only reaction this person will get is this blog post right here, nothing else.

I tried to get one of the people involved in this idiotic troll to stop, but this person is adamant and will NOT listen, so I am releasing this statement and this will be it. I won't give the matter any more thought or reaction.

I wish Alki the best and hope his event is successful.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Anna Williams Show Season 5

I started this on jtv when I was 36 years old. I'm 42 now. I have never lied about my age and I have been doing a very unique type of bikini show where the bikinis are the stars.

Not many people have gotten the point, but I haven't been brought down by trolls or anyone. I'm still doing these shows and I will quit when I feel like it or when Alki David permabans me.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Battle for air time

The premise of Battlecam was presented to a lot of JTV audience members on Alki David's channel on that website years ago. When he announced he would launch a new broadcasting platform, HE NEVER SAID TO PEOPLE :''HEY! COME TO MY NEW WEBSITE, EVERYONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO HUMILIATE YOU AND PUT YOU DOWN TILL YOU FEEL LIKE KILLING YOURSELF, INCLUDING THE ADMINISTRATORS.''

Had Alki David said a thing like that (which is on some occasions a perfect description of what goes on on the main channel), no one would ever have signed up. I have seen a few people go on the site once and never come back after being trolled off, especially women. I have also talked to people whose names I won't mention here who felt suicidal after the way they were treated in that chat box.

Cyberbullying is being combated around the world and on this day and age it is despicable that it is allowed to go on freely at some points of the day when battlecam main isn't being monitored properly. There are times when there are FAIR MODS AND FAIR ADMINISTRATORS AT WORK. There are times when there are UNETHICAL MODS AND UNETHICAL ADMINISTRATORS AT WORK who not only ALLOW CYBERBULLYING, BUT ENGAGE IN IT THEMSELVES.


Having said all of this, people are still missing the point of THE BATTLE FOR AIR TIME is my main focus while writing this post. Battling for air time doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE TO BE A DOUCHE BAG TO THE PERSON ON CAM NEXT TO YOU.

REAL PR used to sit on cam for hours on end and he had the attention of the audience by telling interesting stories about his adventures in life.

There was a caster who played the violin beautifully and always ''won'' the battle for air time, who stayed on cam for quite  a while by sharing his talent.


This is a blog post on a blog named BATTLECAM ACCORDING TO ANNA WILLIAMS, these are my views on the site, so put your pants back on and stop stepping on it in anger because you disagree with me, Asshole :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Battlecam 2015

Battlecam has changed a lot over the past 5 years. We see new faces come and go. Mostly we see women come and go. Guys will stick around because the hostility is not as horrendous towards them. Only a few precious very strong women will stay on the site.

Recently, SeneorWingman was made moderator on the main channel. This has been common practice over the past 5 years: a person is made a mod and then this modship is taken away after a certain amount of time. They usually take away a person's mod when this individual starts to get comfortable with it. I have always believed this is done as a troll in itself. This is a way of getting people to rage on cam. We've seen NINO79 cry like a little girl and get people to campaign for him to get his modship back as though this were such an important thing in his life.

I was mod on main several times. It is the worst possible experience because the trolling triples. If a person bans, this person is considered to be abusing their modship. If a person misses someone's misdemeanor on main and DOESN'T BAN, he or she is considered to be a ''fail mod''.

Nothing good can come from being moderator on main. The excuse given to me by one of the cruelest members of Battlecam/ STAFF was that I lost modship because I had too many people on ignore. Well, ignore hasn't worked on main for YEARS AND YEARS.

It's also part of the mind games they play with people on there. They turn ignore on and off on main and in private channels. I hated being a moderator on main. I know some people think they will be able to ban whoever they want, but it's not this way at all. There are a few dehumanizing types of what they mildly call ''trolling'' to justify their disgusting behavior which I consider to be things that should be offenses that carry a ban.

Notwithstanding, these days some administrators are using these dehumanizing techniques on long time broadcasters of the site, humiliating them publicly and instigating the trolls against them. I'm not even talking about me here. I'm talking about other broadcasters who I've witnessed being humiliated by administrators on Battlecam Main.

It is despicable and had it not been for the REALITY SHOW ASPECT, the BATTLING FOR AIR TIME ASPECT and simply BECAUSE I CAN AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO BROADCAST THERE, I would have left the site.

I enjoy some aspects of the site, I just abhor the cyber bullying now being carried out by a couple of administrators and main mods.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It has to be a misunderstanding KWAME can't be into Skykush

Contrary to what C14 and BCmoments want to make it seem, I have never ''beat down'' Kwame or anyone else for that matter. There were a few misunderstandings on my channel and I said he was annoying or irritating, something along those lines. I have since talked to him and we are cool now.

This post is not to bash him or put him down in any way. This is just to point out that there are certain glitches on that sometimes lead us to message the wrong people and sometimes post on the wrong wall.

He accidentally messaged Skykush on his wall.

This could, of course, be also because there are several people on skykush's profile picture and Kwame might have thought he was the hot girl in the picture.

Having said all of this, THERE IS a glitch on Battlecam and I have messaged the wrong people because of it.